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> Latest News > Top Thrill-Rides at Alton Towers Resort

Top Thrill-Rides at Alton Towers Resort

date Mon, 21/05/2018 - 12:49

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Do you DARE?

Check out some of the most thrill-tastic roller coasters at one of the UK's biggest theme parks!

Whether you’ve got a need for speed, or you enjoy the thrill of sharp turns and upside-down loops, you will be sure to find your perfect rollercoaster on the Alton Towers rides list. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, or you’re a natural daredevil, then read ahead to discover the very best thrill-rides you can enjoy with your ticket for Alton Towers.

What is the best ride at Alton Towers?

Alton Towers Resort boasts a wide selection of thrilling rides, each offering something different. Every visitor who leaves the park will have their own favourite, but one classic Alton Towers ride that has been entertaining people for decades is Nemesis, with its many twists and turns, and alien-theme. Many people also favour the new ride Wicker Man as the best in the resort due to its high speeds and fire special effects. 

How many rides are there at Alton Towers?

There over 40 rides and attractions to be enjoyed at Alton Towers, each one offering something different and exciting. For those after a thrill, then make sure to visit the adrenaline-pumping rollercoasters; Wicker Man, Galactica, Nemesis, Oblivion, Rita, Th13ten, The Smiler, The Blade and Enterprise. For those looking to experience the park as a whole family, then you have plenty of choice from the many family rides including the bouncing Frog Hopper and the spinning pirate ship Heave Ho.

How big is Alton Towers?

Alton Towers Resort is the largest theme park in the UK and once you’ve arrived it can feel like you’ve been transported into a completely different world. The park spans 910 acres and is split into 12 themed areas, which each catered for people of different ages. The areas include; Adventure Land, CBeebies Land, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Dark Forest, Forbidden Valley, Gloomy Wood, Katanga Canyon, Mutiny Bay, The Gardens, The Towers, Towers Street and X-Sector.

You don’t need to worry about treading the whole 3.7 km² park by foot, as Alton Towers have created fun, and fast, ways to travel from one fun rollercoaster to another, including the Colourful Cable Car Gondola.

The Wicker Man


Experience the thrills of travelling through fire at exhilarating speeds on Alton Tower’s Wicker Man roller coaster. Wicker Man is the UK’s first wooden coaster built in over 20 years and many believe it is now the scariest ride at Alton Towers. Stylish and cutting-edge special effects make this an immersive and uniquely thrilling ride that is not to be missed!

We spoke to Dylan from the travel blog Shoot from The Trip to find out his favourite Alton towers rollercoasters: “The Wicker Man is the perfect stepping stone from the smaller rides to the more intense rollercoasters. A wooden coaster, the newest in the park, The Wicker Man hurtles around the track passing through the large Wicker Man effigy three times as is it bursts into flames. It’s definitely fun and exhilarating!”


Nemesis Alton Towers

With tangled twists and turns, speeds of 50mph and alien creature theme, Nemesis at Alton Towers is still regarded as one of the best rollercoasters in the world. The ride first opened in 1994, making it Europe’s first-ever inverted rollercoaster. The story of the ride follows a dormant creature that evacuated the ground as it was disturbed during the park’s maintenance, now it resides on the surface, capturing prisoners and sending them on a heart-pounding journey. One of the best features is the final inversion, which is built at eye-level so guests not on the ride can also enjoy the attraction’s thrills!

Dylan from the travel blog Shoot from The Trip adds: “At 25 years old, Nemesis is one of Alton Towers’ oldest rollercoasters but in my opinion still the best! It was a game-changer in the UK when it opened and paved the way for the modern rollercoasters we see today. Despite not being the tallest or fastest rollercoaster at Alton Towers, Nemesis still packs a punch with its high-speed twists and turns.

With your feet dangling free, the temptation to pull your legs in as you fly along the terrain hugging track provides an exhilarating ride that makes you want to run back around the queue line and get straight back on again. Head for the front row for the best ride experience. You won’t be disappointed.”

Nemesis is also a favourite of Donna’s, who runs the family lifestyle blog What The Redhead Said. Donna tells us: “Nemesis is pretty much the best rollercoaster we've been on. With so many twists and turns, it's the sort of ride you'd want to go on again and again!”

The Smiler

The world’s very first looping rollercoaster, The Smiler will be sure to satisfy anyone looking for a thrill. With a combination of 14 loops, you may need to have a stomach of steel to be able to enjoy this unique ride, not to mention the speed of 85km per hour.

Dylan from Shoot from The Trip comments: “The Smiler is definitely a ride everyone should tick off their list. With a record-breaking 14 inversions, The Smiler is a fast-paced and exciting rollercoaster with not one, but two lift hills, with one of them being vertical. It’s a test of the nerves for even the most hardened theme park visitor. With chaotic music in the queue line which snakes under the track, ride cars thundering over and around you every few minutes, The Smiler really builds up the tension before riding.”

It's no surprise this thrill-ride is popular amongst visitors, as Chloe from I’m Just a Girl, an affordable travel blog, tells us: “I think the best ride at Alton Towers is The Smiler; with a record-breaking loops and a 180° ascent, it's definitely the most thrilling ride at the theme park!”



Oblivion Alton Towers

A staple attraction for the past 20 years at Alton Towers, Oblivion is the iconic attraction that many people think of when picturing a rollercoaster at Alton Towers Resort. As the world’s first vertical drop ride, there was a huge amount of publicity around its opening, and this excitement continues even today when it holds the crown as the third fastest roller coaster in the UK.

This is perfect for the ultimate thrill-seeker, as it’s Alton Tower’s fastest ride. Experience the heart-racing moment when you are held overhanging the sheer 180 feet drop on the Oblivion. Will you dare to look down? This ride has the highest g-force in the UK and a top speed of 110km per hour, so the only chance you’ll have to catch your breath will be when you’re hanging off the edge.

We spoke to Liona, who wrote about her fun experience at Alton Towers Resort on her family lifestyle blog Travels with Ted. Liona tells us: “When I first went to Alton Towers as a teenager, I was a fan of the big rollercoasters. I can still remember the sense of anticipation while waiting to go on Oblivion!”



Thirteen may be known as an unlucky number, but for anyone looking to experience the ultimate rollercoaster ride, then you’re in luck. Opened in 2010, TH13TEEN is a steel roller coaster with a five-metre freefall in absolute darkness – which is why it made our adrenaline-filled list! The ride is a mixture of abrupt banks, turns, climbs and eventually free falls that will leave guests disorientated, terrified and exhilarated.

Chloe from I’m Just A Girl says: “I'd definitely recommend Th13teen for adults; it sends you whizzing off at 100kmph and is the world’s first vertical free fall drop roller coaster, you also swerve through the dark forest in a heady combination of twists and turns, it's so much fun!”

During your ride on TH13TEEN you’ll even whizz past the ancient crypt but be careful you don’t get entwined with one of the creepy branches from the Dark Forest or meet one of the mysterious ghouls that lurk in the crypt.


Located in the depths of the Forbidden Valley you’ll find The Blade, a forgotten pirate ship that gives this classic theme park attraction a terrifying new twist. The story goes that Blade was created from the remnants of the Nemesis excavation, so the attraction looks like a huge industrial tool soaring through the air, leaving your stomach in the air as you travel with zero gravity momentum. You’ll have to be careful you don’t get left behind mid-air as this ship reaches near-vertical angles!


Rita Alton Towers

If you’re looking to run away from the hidden creatures in Alton Tower’s Dark Forest, then there is no better way than to hop aboard Rita, an iconic ride that reaches 100km per hour in just 2.5 seconds. Hold on tight as you’re launched at full speed through the twists and turns of this eerie drag-race themed ride. Rita opened in 2005 and was the first Hydraulic Launch rollercoaster in the whole of Europe, so make sure you stop by this thrill-seeker ride on a visit to Alton Towers.

Runaway Mine Train

Although it may not be as scary as The Smiler or Nemesis, the Runaway Mine Train is still thrilling in itself, plus, it’s perfect for families! The winding train twists and turns, picking up rapid speeds through the Katanga Canyon - try not to fall out the carriage as the train travels up and down the 1000ft track! The Runaway Mine Train is an Alton Towers classic, having opened in 1992, it is now the oldest rollercoaster in the resort.

Sarah from Mini Me and Luxury, a family luxury travel blog, tells us: “We absolutely love Alton Towers, we even live close by! The best ride for the family, and adults who are a little less adventurous like myself, is definitely the Runaway Mine Train.

Liona from Travels with Ted adds: “My most recent visits have been with two small children, so I haven’t had the opportunity to experience the thrill rides again. Nowadays for me, the best rollercoaster is an old one but still a good one, the Runaway Mine Train. It doesn’t have the pulling power of Nemesis, but it is the best ride I went on this year. Another great thing about the Runaway Train is that it has almost no wait times so you can go on it again and again!”

Make sure you tick all these rides off your rollercoaster bucket-list on your next visit to Alton Towers Resort. You can book your Alton Towers Tickets online with ease, and soon you’ll be experiencing the biggest thrills on these rollercoasters!

Top thrill-rides and Alton Towers Resort

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