OK, so it got down to 'only' 38F (3C) but that was still enough for some very real frost in places, and, up in Ocala the mercury hit a bone-chilling 29F (-1.6C). It is (again) bright and sunny this morning, and the temp has 'soared' to a dizzying 49F (9C), with the prospect of reaching 62/16. That's still sub-Arctic for us Floridians, so don't expect us to be out and about much! For everyone else, it should be a decent, if chilly, day. The 1-day forecast does a show a lot more days in the low-mid 60s, though, so visitors should prepare accordingly, especially those staying in villas, which are designed to lose heat, not retain it! In short, bring sweaters, thick socks and/or slippers!!