Thankfully, the resorts to the west of Panama City Beach escaped the worst of the devastation, and each of Destin, Fort Walton Beach and Seaside are still open for business. It will be a very different story for PCB and all points to the east, though

Meanwhile, here in Orlando, our brief taste of 'autumn' lasted exactly 24 hours before the sun and heat returned. Yesterday we were back up to a whopping (by October standards) 93F/34C, when we'd expect to be around 84/29 (which is only 2 degrees off the all-time record for this time of year). And it's dry, too, with no rain in 5 days and absolutely nothing in the forecast. October usually gets around 4ins of rain, so we're definitely looking at a very dry month. The humidity is not quite as high as usual but the Heat Index still sees the 'real' temperature pushing 100F/37.7C, which is just ridiculous at this time of year.

There IS a cool-down predicted in the longer-term forecast, but it looks like it will be Oct 21/22 before that kicks in, and there is still no significant rain after that.

The real bonus for visitors is that the mornings are just gorgeous right now, with clear blue skies and plenty of sun to open the day. The down-side is that it is 85F by 10am and you need to be looking for shade after that!!