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Topic: Florida Weather Report

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    Lightbulb Florida Weather Report

    It is probably worth starting a regular chart of the weather, so newcomers and regulars alike can get an idea of prevailing conditions, and get a feel for weather history (as the thread builds up over time).

    Starting with summer 2011, here's how things have shaped up so far:

    June - surprisingly dry and warm without being TOO hot for much of the month. Then we arrived on June 24 and the weather went haywire for 8 days!! Very wet weather for that period, albeit still not as hot and humid as we might expect (around 89/90F). Some of the wet weather was quite prolonged (4 hours or more) and we had several flash-flooding incidents around town.

    We then had 5 completely dry days, with no rain to speak of at all and temps pushing around 90F (but still without the high humidity we normally get). Then it's back to unsettled, rainy stuff for the past 3 days; we had more than 5 inches of rain on Thur and Fri (thankfully, it didn't stop the Shuttle launch on Friday) with temps in the upper 80s, and today is now shaping up as a typical summer day - hot and humid with the distinct possibility of an afternoon thunderstorm.

    Today's week-ahead forecast suggests we're going to start getting REALLY hot next week (with temps in the mid 90sF) and with more of the humidity which makes it feel even hotter. That would get us back to 'normal' for Florida in July - but we'll wait and see as 'normal' isn't a concept the weather usually sticks to for long!

    As a quick side-note, June-Nov are officially 'Hurricane season' in this part of the world, and Central Florida did experience 3 hurricanes in 2004. That was a 100-year anomaly, though, and we do not normally get any significant impact from these big tropical storms that usually threaten the Caribbean and Gulf Coasts more than here. This year is forecast to be 'above average' for storms, so we'll wait to see what happens in August and September (usually the busiest months for storms).
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