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Topic: A Christmas Jaunt Round the Caribbean St Kitts

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    Default A Christmas Jaunt Round the Caribbean St Kitts

    I woke feeling slightly better, so decided that as this is one of the tours and Islands I was looking forward to, I'd dose myself up and accompany Mr SK on the tour.
    We were doing St Kitts railway and a catamaran tour.
    St Kitts built a narrow gauge railway to transport the sugar cane from the plantations to the port. As the sugar cane industry declined, someone had the great idea of turning the railway into a tourist attraction. There are plans to open even more of track up in the future.

    We didn't know if we would be going on the railway or catamaran first, until we met for our tour, as this isn't a tour you can do independently as the cruise ships tend to book the whole train out.
    Also this is an Island that we had swapped days around on, and we were due to leave at 10pm, but as we were being tendered onto the Island, our depart was changed to 6pm as they will not tender once the sun has set.
    So we made our way to the Playhouse to check in for our tour, only to be met with a steady stream of people scurrying back to their cabins as they hadn't take note of the Island information in the Horizon that stated photographic ID must be carried if you are over 18. Also a number were arguing that they didn't feel it was safe to carry their passports as they were doing x, y or z tour.
    We had our ID with us, so checked in and were given a tour label and asked to take a seat until our tour was called.
    Owing to the mix up with ID, the tours were being called in no particular discernible order, but as they were using two tendering points, we were soon on our way and on landing was shepherded across the pier and onto a catamaran.
    Once we were all aboard, there was a safety briefing and we were told to make ourselves comfortable and enjoy the ride.
    We went up front, and sat with our backs against the cabin with the netting in front of us.
    The staff promptly came to take our drinks order, rum punch at 8.45am anyone

    I had begun to feel rough again, and no it wasn't the rum punch, but managed to snap this view as we left the port

    And then I said to Mr SK that I was going to lie down across the netting and that is all I remember of the trip until Mr SK woke me up to say we were coming into dock, and we had to get off!!
    Mr SK said, that the crew were concerned about me and he had explained that I had a cold, but was ok, just needed to sleep. This satisfied them, but they kept checking back with him that I was ok.
    I must admit, I felt much better and I could now take some more pills, but I can't tell you anything about the trip so far and Mr SK, I think just enjoyed the scenery and rum punches!!

    Once off the catamaran we were loaded into minibuses to transport us to the Railway Terminus to meet the train.

    The Train

    As you can see, the carriages are double decked with the top deck being open and the lower deck fully enclosed with picture windows and A/C
    I think we all opted to sit upstairs and once underway we were treated to some fine views of Nevis across the bay.

    There was a guide telling us about the history of the Island and the railway, whilst each carriage had a host who kept us supplied with cocktails, with or without alcohol.

    Lots of disused sugar mills and each mill stands on what was a plantation.

    The highest peak is Mount Liamuiga, formerly Mount Misery, a dormant volcano 1,156 m high.
    Mount Liamuiga

    Going from carriage to carriage was a small choir who entertained with a mixture of local songs and Christmas Carols

    Their churches tended to stand alone and were beautifully maintained.

    This modest house is the Prime Ministers abode

    Another disused mill. Can't help thinking that these could be restored and made into accommodation.

    And finally a couple of scenic views.

    We had both enjoyed the train ride and it was only a short hop back to the port where there was a tender waiting.
    As it was now nearly 3 o'clock, I made my way back to the cabin and Mr SK went up to the buffet to pick some afternoon tea goodies up for us both. He appeared back with a couple of scones, jam and cream each and a couple of finger rolls fr him too. I had made him an earl grey tea and we enjoyed our feast on the balcony before I retired for a nap.
    On waking we watched one of the ships moored on the pier depart and as we were one of 4 or 5 ships in port, a horn battle begun to take place until one of the Aida ships played the White Stripes Seven Nation Army on her horns. There was much cheering and waving as each ship gave a final blast as the other ship slipped away.

    I decided that it wasn't fair on the other passengers to go to the main dining room and I really wasn't hungry, so persuaded Mr SK to go eat without me again, and to drop by Sindhu a speciality restaurant with my order as they had asked me to order 48hrs in advance,due to my allergy.
    I had preordered tonights meal as well, but unless you have a doctors note, you can't have your food sent from the MDR, you have to order room service.
    I this wasn't a problem as I wasn't hungry, but there was a knock at the door and I had a meal. I actually did eat my starter and I had ordered a ploughmans as my main, so managed some of that and enjoyed what I had. My thanks were discreetly given as someone could have been in trouble for doing this and I got told, it was nothing, thank you for thinking of your fellow cruisers. Not all staff are impersonal and uncaring, and this small kindness wasn't asked for or expected.

    Mr SK returned at sometime and read on the balcony after we had decided that even though it is another port day tomorrow, we would stay on board and give me a chance to recover properly for Christmas.
    Tomorrow is Guadeloupe, a substitute island and our original thought had been to get a taxi to a beach, but we had been reading horror stories of people being charged $30pp each way!! This to our mind is exorbitant and we didn't fancy any of the tours, so it was no real hardship to have a day on board.
    We would also be able to use our phones as Guadeloupe is French, so our contract works here, so would be able to catch up on emails, social media etc.

    The day was actually a nice day, we found some sunbeds [actually, i think we were the only ones on that bit of deck] and kept an eye on the very sick Sea Screen and the football. Couldn't help but send my brother a couple of pictures of the screens as he has worked on some rival cruise lines screens.

    Sick Screen

    We spent the day quietly minding our own business, reading, napping, tried their pizza counter [very good] before showering and going to dinner.
    After dinner Mr SK wanted to catch Roy Walker in the playhouse. I wasn't that keen, but went along and to my surprise really enjoyed his show.

    It was then time for a nightcap on the balcony and I was feeling much better, so the lazy day was worth it.

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    So pleased to hear you took things easy and managed to get back on an even keel. It does sound the sensible course of action. But it's a shame you missed pretty much all the catamaran cruise while you were recovering!

    I also took the boys on that train tour in St Kitts (when they were MUCH younger!) and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. As you saw, it boasts great views and some interesting history, and it's hard to beat a train trip anywhere

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    Those photos are beautiful, such a gorgeous blue sea and sky. Nice of you that you didn't go down to dinner with your cold, I'm sure not everyone is as thoughtful.

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    Sorry you were under the weather, but some great photos.
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    I love a train trip and st kitts looks beautiful.... shame the morning passed you by though.

    Glad a day “off” seems to have helped you kick your cold into touch ... it’s no fun being ill on holiday

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    And that children is why you don't buy cheap Chinese screens and then put them in a harsh environment!

    The kit I work on may well cost many times as much as that pile of ****, but it works and still looks great after a few years out in the salt air.
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    All my trip reports are now HERE.

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    So glad you took the time to recover a bit and feel better. And avoiding the main dining room when you're not well is something I wish everyone would do!

    Never thought about the screens going bad due to salt air. I assumed there was some sort of special screen they had to have so it would last.

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