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Ouch for your fall. I do hope that it was recorded properly, and noted that it was because liquid had been spilt and not cleared up!

Sounds a nice easy embarkation day.
I am absolutely certain about this. Within seconds of me going flying an officer appeared and they seemed to be taking this very seriously. I was just embarrassed about it all. I am quite capable of falling over my own feet and did not want all this attention. To give them credit, the spill was not obvious. I most certainly had not seen anything and if nobody had told them, they would have had no way of knowing. As soon as they did know, the area was mopped and a warning sign was put up. I have no issue with Royal Caribbean at all. I think they handled this really well. I am sure if I had said that I was hurt, I would have been carted off to the health centre and I am equally certain that there would not have been a charge for this.