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Topic: Stranger Trip, The Report. Day 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Veness View Post
    Great evening stamina by all concerned (especially Julia after her delayed start!). Really highlights the Halloween party well, too, and, as others have said, the fireworks photos are just spectacular. We also really enjoyed the extra 'live' characters on the Pirates ride and hope this might be repeated more often in future
    Hopefully they will add people randomly to Pirates, people know it so well that having something different in there really stands out.

    Quote Originally Posted by ELAINE View Post
    Sounds as if the party was a great success ... I’m glad that Julia’s illness didn’t wipe out the whole day ... was your black burger bun flavoured with something odd to make it black or just coloured ?

    Great photos
    No to be honest the bun tasted the same as any other, I think they'd just added colouring.
    5 Trips to Florida, Christmas in LA, Disneyland Paris twice and odd days here and there.

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    Glad your various illnesses aren't stopping your enjoyment and I love the missing Julia photo

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