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"which will allow willing participants to walk along the tower’s exterior and lean out backwards while strapped to cords."

Willing Participants is not the adjective I would use but each to their own.

We have not been for a long time but I dont suppose the problem for the attractions on I drive has changed very much, its deserted during the day (better things to do) so there is only a short window of opportunity in the evening to make enough money and for a big (and therefore costly) attraction like this that may not be enough.
That's a really good point. I-Drive is increasingly an evening venue these days and, while something like this may tempt a few more people there during daylight hours, it is still going to be reliant mainly on evening trade and, with the theme parks having increasingly later hours, it may be a false premise. From our point of view, we are seeing people increasingly reluctant to spend significant amounts of money away from the parks, hence the dinner shows are really struggling, and other ventures, like this, may also find it tough going.