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> Latest News > Which New York Attraction Pass is for Me?

Which New York Attraction Pass is for Me?

date Wed, 06/11/2019 - 12:01

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We understand it's difficult to choose, so let us help!

Find out which New York attraction pass is for you with our handy guide...

With its dazzling skyline, copious amounts of things to see and do and a plethora of the most delicious cuisine to choose from, it’s no wonder that the Big Apple attracts millions of people each year.

With so much to explore, it’s worth doing some planning beforehand so you can make the most out of your trip. Doing some research is a great way to figure out which attractions in New York you most want to experience. One way to help you save time and money is by making sure you get your attraction passes before you fly, but with a variety of options available, how do you know which is the best New York pass to buy?

A great way to start deciding which is the best New York pass for your trip is to look at which the dozens of attractions in the city are an absolute must. If you are a first-timer, you will probably want to visit the iconic Empire State Building, marvel at the breath-taking views from the Top of the Rock and visit the renowned Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. If you have a penchant for artefacts and history, then consider which museums you are keen to tick off your bucket list and do a New York pass comparison to figure out which one fulfils as many of your picks as possible.

This infographic shows you some of the top attractions available for each pass to help you create your must-visit itinerary. This is not a full list of the attractions on offer, but a list of the most popular attractions you’ll certainly want to visit.

Which New York Attraction Pass is right for me?


To give you insider tips and information to help you choose the right pass for you, we spoke to bloggers who have been to New York to find out their favourite attractions as well as their opinions on the best pass for NYC attractions.

The American Museum of Natural History

See it with a: New York CityPASS, New York Pass with Fast Track Access, Go New York Explorer Pass and the New York Freestyle Pass

See the skeleton of the prehistoric T-Rex, the ultimate predator and marvel at the majestic creatures of the deep at the American Museum of Natural History.

This museum’s website describes it as “one of the world’s preeminent scientific and cultural institutions” and it has become a firm favourite for locals and visitors alike as Mellissa from The Diary of a Jewellery Lover explains: “I particularly enjoyed the American Museum of Natural History as seen in the film Night At The Museum. If you download their app you will find a free self-guided tour based on the film and you can see the capuchin monkey, the skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex and the towering figures from Rapa Nui all featured in the film. This is a great tour to do with the kids! We also saw one of the timed space shows which was fabulous if you have an interest in space. It's an excellent museum in general and should be on your must-see attractions in New York.”

Mellissa and her family used the New York CityPASS for their trip and she told us it was handy to have as it meant avoiding long queues at some of the attractions: “At many attractions, you can bypass the queue, this was especially useful at the 9/11 Memorial Museum,and helped us skip a long line. It also has other benefits, such as the free space show at the Natural History Museum.”

The New York CityPASS is valid for nine days from first use, so you don’t need to worry about cramming in all the attractions in one day! You can explore each attraction at your leisure.

The Empire State Building

See it with a: New York CityPASS, New York Pass with Fast Track Access and the Go New York Explorer Pass

The Empire State Building is one of the most iconic landmarks of New York’s skyline. It’s an instantly recognisable structure which has graced the city since 1931.

At 102 storeys tall, the Empire State Building has become a favourite for many people’s itineraries for decades. From the observation deck, you can marvel at an incredible view of New York and if you time your visit, you can watch a spectacular sunset over the skyline.

Mattie Lacey-Davidson told us why she suggests visiting the Empire State Building during your trip: “It is iconic – not just culturally (it has appeared in hundreds of movies) but historically – photos of men balancing on beams 1,000 feet in their air are still renowned around the world. Going all the way up, looking across one of the most famous cities in the world and thinking of the sheer bravery of those men strolling around freely during construction is quite an unbelievable experience.”

As well as the Empire State Building, Mattie also visited the Top of the Rock and was dazzled by the incredible view: “its view of the city’s architecture was just beautiful”, she said.

One of the reasons why Mattie bought an attractions pass was to help make her trip cheaper: “If I had to pay for the different attractions individually, it would have made for a much more expensive holiday. 

“Being able to buy the pass ahead of time and schedule it into a different budget, or a different month’s pay, meant that I could spread my costs and have more money to play with day-to-day, and we ticked things off our list each morning when places were a little quieter.”

If you are visiting New York for five days, you might like to choose the five-day Go New York Explorer Pass or the New York Freestyle Pass and select the five attractions option. This way, you can explore one attraction each day as well as enjoying a leisurely lunch or delicious supper without feeling that you have crammed everything into a short time frame.

Top of the Rock

See it with a: New York CityPASS, New York Pass with Fast Track Access, Go New York Explorer Pass and the New York Freestyle Pass


With sweeping, unobstructed views of both Central Park and the city’s giant skyscrapers, the view from Top of the Rock is not to be missed.

The views from this observation deck are unparalleled and you are sure to be in awe of the stunning vistas as Ellis from Ellis Tuesday explains: “Top of the Rock is without a doubt where you will find the best view of Manhattan. Not only will you get a great shot of the iconic Empire State building but you'll also see Times Square, the Chrysler Building, One World Observatory and on very clear days, the Statue of Liberty, all from one side. On the other side, you'll look uptown towards the vast green expanse of Central Park. It's an absolute must-do for me and somewhere that I recommend visiting, time and time again. Depending on the weather or if it's day or night can make such a huge difference to the whole experience, with sunset being my favourite view.”

Ellis also told us that she would 100% recommend the New York CityPASS because of the many benefits it holds: “You can buy in advance, leaving you more spending money when you get to New York. However, the biggest bonus for me is that at many of the attractions, there are dedicated lines for CityPASS holders, meaning that you can drastically reduce the amount of time queuing to gain access to attractions. In many ways, it feels like a fast pass, similar to those used at theme parks. The savings made it well worth it as well and this is particularly true if you plan to visit many of the big tourist attractions on your trip.”

Madame Tussauds

See it with a: New York Pass with Fast Track Access, Go New York Explorer Pass and the New York Freestyle Pass

The iconic Madame Tussauds New York branch opened its doors in 2000 and gives visitors the chance to get up close to some of the most life-like sculptures of famous faces as well as state of the art interactive multi-sensory games and experiences.

Athina from Black Pistachio told us that visiting Madame Tussauds was one of the highlights of her adventures in New York: “It was such a fun attraction. A must for pop culture fans for sure. Full of wax figures that hold incredible likeness to their real-life counterparts. You can get some awesome photos with the props that staff will take of you and they're pretty cheap especially if you buy three or more.

“You also can enjoy a 4DX screening of a comic book mini film, and as you go around Madame Tussauds, you learn about how much work goes into each statue. You should visit simply because it's such a fun attraction and you’re guaranteed to love the photos you get with the props and statues.”

Athina told us that she was able to get VIP entry and save time by skipping the long queue by visiting Madame Tussauds with the Go New York Explorer Pass: “I stayed in NYC solo for nine days and it was the best thing I bought - besides my Metro pass. With my Go New York Explorer Pass, I skipped queues, got priority entry to the exhibits and attractions and saved a lot of money!”

Metropolitan Museum of Art

See it with a: New York CityPASS, New York Pass with Fast Track Access, Go New York Explorer Pass and the New York Free Style Pass

A trip to the Big Apple wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You can see the splendours of ancient Egypt, impressionist paintings, treasures from Greek and Roman times as well as a collection of contemporary art.

With almost two million works of art spanning more than 5,000 years, this museum, which is affectionately referred to as ‘The Met’, houses some of the best artefacts from around the world as Rachel Nicole explains: “The Museum of Modern Art is such an iconic building, not only does it host the famous Met Gala but this is where you'll have found Blair Waldorf on the steps at The Met during the Gossip Girl days. The museum is huge with so many different artefacts from many different eras and if you are a museum buff, this is the place to go.”

Rachel Nicole told us that she has used the New York CityPASS and the New York Pass with Fast Track Access during her trips to the city: “Both are excellent if you are wanting to visit multiple attractions as it can save you a lot of money and also some of them include fast passes to cut any lines.

“The New York Pass with Fast Track Access includes so many attractions so not only could we visit the big museums and sights, we could do tours of other places as well. I'd recommend this pass if it's your first visit and you want to visit as much as possible. 

“The New York CityPass is also great and includes the six major sights and again, it saves you a lot of money and is great if you just want to visit the top places such as the Empire State Building, The Met, Statue of Liberty and Top of the Rock. If you are doing any sightseeing at all, I'd recommend getting a multi-attraction pass as it really will save you money.”

Which New York attractions pass is right for you?

A short break exploring just the main attractions

Choose the New York CityPASS

This pass includes six of the most popular attractions in New York and has plenty to keep you busy for two to three days. This is one of the best value passes and allows you to see six attractions out of a choice of nine.

Find out more

A short break exploring a variety of attractions

Choose the New York Freestyle Pass

This pass lasts for three days and includes the Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour and a plethora of other options outside the New York classics! With this pass, you will get a variety of five attractions from a lengthy list to enjoy at your leisure across three days.

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A 7-10-day break exploring the main attractions

Choose the Go New York Explorer Pass

The Go New York Explorer Pass is a great choice because it covers all the main NYC attractions as well as giving you access to the Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour, which means you could save money on transport. Best of all, this pass lasts for 30 days so you can visit the top attractions during a timeframe that suits you.

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2- 7 days exploring the main attractions and more

Choose the New York Pass with Fast Track Access

The ultimate pass on offer is the New York Pass with Fast Track Access because there are no limits on the number of attractions you see. This is a great choice if you’re staying in a central location as you know you will have lots of time to see everything this amazing city has to offer.  

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To browse all of these tickets and more, head to our New York page to find the best New York passes for your trip.


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