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> Latest News > Top 6 Roller Coasters in the UK

Top 6 Roller Coasters in the UK

date Mon, 23/07/2018 - 12:17

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A guide to the best roller coasters in the UK!

There are so many amazing roller coasters in the UK and if you’re a serous thrill seeker, you’re going to want to try them all…

While Orlando may be considered the theme park capital of the world, there are plenty of incredible roller coasters right on your doorstep. That’s right, the UK has lots of amazing theme parks, filled with epic coasters that thrill seekers will love. With so many to choose from, it was hard to pick just 6, but we’ve put together a list of our favourites to give you some inspiration…


1. Stealth


Stealth at Thorpe Park


Buckle up and get ready to take on one of the fastest roller coasters in Europe. Stealth goes from 0-80mph in less than 2 seconds, launching you up to 205-feet! That’s the same brake horse power as not just one, but two Formula 1 cars. As the lights change from red to green, brace yourself for an experience like no other on the fastest roller coaster in the UK.

This is one of Thorpe Park’s most popular attractions, and a visit isn’t complete until you’ve ticked this one off your list. Be warned though, the screams you hear echoing through the park are most likely coming from Stealth!

Where? Thorpe Park


2. Oblivion


Oblivion at Alton Towers


Oblivion was the world’s first ever vertical drop roller coaster, but that’s not the only reason we think it’s one of the best coasters in the UK. Not only does this exhilarating ride have a hair-raising 180-foot-drop, it also reaches speeds of up to 110 kph and is the 3rd fastest roller coaster in the UK!

As you start the slow ascent, you’ll begin to wonder why you chose to ride Oblivion. When you approach the drop, you’ll be suspended mercilessly on the edge, staring right at your fate. You don’t know when it’s going to happen, but all of a sudden, you’ll plunge to the bottom at high speed, racing through a tunnel, facing plenty of twists and turns along the way. Once you’ve conquered your fears, you’ll want to ride this again and again!

Where? Alton Towers


3. Dragon’s Fury


Dragons Fury at Chessington World of Adventures


Dragon’s Fury is an amazing rollercoaster that’s recommended for “brave adventurers”. If you think you fall into that category, make sure you give this one a go. There’s plenty of twists and turns along the way as you face the fury of this mighty beast. Up to 4 guests can ride at the same time, making this a great choice for groups and brave families. One of the things we love most, is that you can enjoy a totally unique experience each time you ride, depending on where you sit. This spinning coaster sends you swirling around the track, but how fast you go depends on where you sit! Think you’ve got what it takes to face the dragon?

Where? Chessington World of Adventures


4. Wicker Man


Wicker Man at Alton Towers


The Wicker Man is the newest ride at Alton Towers, and it also happens to be one of the scariest! This is the first wooden coaster to be built in the UK in more than 20 years but thrill seekers will be pleased to hear that this isn’t just any wooden coaster… this is a wooden coaster that features scorching flames and a 58-foot burning effigy of the Wicker Man himself. That’s right fire and wood! It might not seem like a good idea, but this coaster is perfectly safe and it’s an absolute must-try.

As you approach the ride, you’ll discover the secret Beornen community who live deep in the woods. They want people to reject the modern world and reconnect with nature and they don’t take too kindly to trespassers! If you think you’ve got what it takes, climb on board and get ready to face the wrath of the Wicker Man! You’ll burst through his chest not just once, but three times at impressive speeds of 44mph! We were lucky enough to be some of the first people to try out this fantastic ride. Check out the video below to see what it’s like…



Where? Alton Towers


5. Nemesis


Nemesis at Alton Towers


This ride is more than 20 years old but is still considered one of the best roller coasters in the world! As the story goes, the construction of this huge coaster disturbed a lethal monster that had been dormant for years. The monster instantly began to cause havoc and destruction and the only way to stop it was to hold it down with the 250-tonnes of steel that became Nemesis. The metal was twisted around the creature keeping it at bay, but as you race around the track, you can still feel its fury!

Nemesis was Europe’s first ever inverted roller coaster, which leaves your legs dangling as you ride. If this wasn’t enough to increase the thrill factor, you’ll also reach top speeds of 81kph as you take on twists, turns and corkscrews on this unforgettable adventure.

Where? Alton Towers


6. Colossus


Colossus at Thorpe Park


Colossus held the world record for the roller coaster with the most inversions for some time and even though it has since been overtaken, this is still a seriously scary coaster. Colossus features a total of 10 stomach-churning inversions, a vertical loop, double corkscrews, a cobra roll and the UK’s only quadruple barrel roll- that’s a lot for just one ride!

If you’re all about the thrills, this ride has to be at the top of your list. It’s one of Thorpe Park’s top attractions, so make sure you check it out early to avoid the queues!

Where? Thorpe Park


Want to try these incredible roller coasters for yourself? Click here, to view our full range of UK theme park tickets.

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