Siam Park, Tenerife’s water kingdom is firmly established as one of the best water parks in the world. Set against a backdrop of spectacular Thai architecture, Siam park tickets let you see a park like no other and from the moment you enter you’ll know this will be no ordinary day.

Our Guide to Siam Park

If you’re in the mood for some relaxation and carefree fun then let the exotic Siam Park in Tenerife seduce you.

Stretch out on the huge white sand beach, catch the surf at the immense Wave Palace or meander along the world’s biggest lazy river in this Tenerife water park. You’ll travel through almost the entire Siam water park on your journey past cascading waterfalls, lush vegetation and even through a spectacular aquarium full of tropical fish. This is a long and winding journey with a not-to-be missed whirlpool style finale! For the young and the young at heart head for The Lost City – it’s a kid's attraction that adults love! And the best part? Siam Water Park, Tenerife prices are the cheapest you’ll find with Attraction Tickets Direct!

If blissful relaxation is not your thing that is OK with us because Siam water park in Tenerife has the ultimate line up of adrenaline-pumping thrills. There are over 30 rides at Siam park but start with a test to your nerves and plunge down the jaw-dropping (and almost vertical) Tower of Power. Still feeling the need for speed? The Dragon is likely to be the most unexpected ride of your life and if you’ve never felt zero gravity before, rest assured that you will on this big boy!

Siam Park Ticket Prices:

Siam Park Tenerife ticket prices do vary depending on the type of ticket you buy:

  • Siam Park Tenerife One Day Ticket: Enjoy a full day’s admission to Siam Park.
  • Loro Parque and Siam Park Twin Ticket: Enjoy entrance to two of Tenerife’s favourite attractions for one exceptional price! 2 fun days, one ticket.
  • Siam Park Premium Ticket: Enjoy a full day's admission, plus a 2-course lunch with soft drinks, free use of lockers and a towel in the park.
  • Loro Parque and Siam Park Twin Ticket with Transport: Enjoy the same benefits as the Loro Parque and Siam Park Twin Ticket PLUS one round trip journey between Siam Park and Loro Parque (or vice versa).
  • Siam Park All Inclusive Deluxe Ticket*: This all-inclusive ticket includes a full day's admission to Siam Park plus a Fast Pass to all attractions throughout the day except Tower of Power, use of locker and towel free all-you-can-eat in all restaurants (except tea house), soft drinks, beer and water. 
  • Ultimate Tenerife Ticket: Only available to purchase in the UK! Enjoy full day admission to both Siam Water Park and Loro Park Tenerife PLUS one free extra day at the park of your choice and a number of additional extras.

Attraction Tickets Direct will send you a gate ready Siam Park e-ticket not a voucher. There is nothing to redeem and you simply go straight through the gate on arrival.

Free Siam Park Bus Service:

A complimentary, daily bus service to Siam Park operates around the main resorts in the south of Tenerife (Adeje, Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas). This regular service is available free of charge to anyone that has bought Siam Park tickets. The branded double decker bus service runs each morning throughout the year on a schedule.

Rides and attractions at Siam Park

  • Mai Thai River & Crazy River & Downshute

    Mai Thai River & Crazy River & Downshute

    Relax in the biggest lazy river in the World meandering through the waters in the heart of the park. Take in the sights of the cascading waterfalls, lush vegetation and spectacular aquarium full of tropical fishes. A long winding journey with a Jacuzzi finale to add to the pleasure.

  • The Giant

    The Giant

    Incorporating the exquisite image of the biggest legendary “Temple Guardian” in the world, The Giant will transport you into a world of adventure and mystery as you slide round feeling the force of gravity. An attraction that is popular with all ages.

  • Mekong Rapids

    Mekong Rapids

    No great water park would be complete without some rapids but at Siam Park you can share the laugh-out-loud adventure in family sized rafts. As you careen along through the rushing waters we challenge you not to smile!

  • Naga Racer

    Naga Racer

    Feeling a tad competitive? Then grab a mat and challenge your fellow riders to a slide down the stunning Naga Snakes. The six lanes of this crazy water race whisk you down the hillside face-first – the only question you have to answer is what’s your strategy going to be to emerge as the winner?!

  • Volcano


    The light fades and the speed builds up as riders enter the mighty volcano. Riders spin round the enormous crater as if they were caught in the flow of lava for an adventure where darkness adds to the mystical excitement and a brand new generation of spot lights are revealed in an.

  • Jungle Snake

    Jungle Snake

    Discover the mythical jungle and enjoy the rush of speed as you slide down the entwined snakes through different journeys, adding to the mystery and adventure you will experience.

  • Dragon


    Grab a seat in a raft that can hold you and up to 3 of your companions, and you’ll find yourself gathering speed before emerging in to the mouth of an enormous cone. Can’t picture it? Well suffice it to say that at this point you’ll plunge to and fro and even experiencing zero gravity before being washed away to the ride’s end.

  • The Tower of Power

    The Tower of Power

    Siam Parks’ most iconic feature, The Tower of Power, is also its most jaw-dropping thrill ride. Climb the tower, take a deep breath and hang on to your swimwear as you plunge down the almost vertical 28 metre drop in “free-fall” and emerge (unscathed but screaming your head off!) via a mysterious aquarium.

  • The Lost City

    The Lost City

    Uncover the secrets of this splashy water fortress as you venture across bridges, through waterfalls and down gentle slides. This is the parks attraction for kids that adults love! Water temperature 24º.

  • The lost city baby zone

    The lost city baby zone

    Not to leave anyone out, Siam Park also has a special area for water babies! in the Lost City The really young members and their parents can enjoy slides that have been specially designed for them.

  • The Wave Palace

    The Wave Palace

    Siam Park has many claims to fame but none that we’re more proud of than our wave pool. We have the biggest artificial waves in the world! Rising up to 3 metres high you can jump right in and let the surf crash over you or paddle at the edges on our incredible and vast white sands. Water temperature 24º.

  • Siam Beach

    Siam Beach

    Relax and sunbathe underneath the palm trees as you take in the beautiful views at La Gomera and the ocean or enjoy a snack on the white sand beach and in a wonderful Thai atmosphere. With its comfortable sun beds and sun umbrellas available, the turquoise waters will transport you to paradise. Water temperature 24º.

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